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Sue Kenney


Producer, director and writer

Sue Kenney discovered his life's purpose in his first solo journey in the winter of 2001. She returned home with a view of sharing the road with the world and made it through storytelling, the writing, film and coaching. In this talk, Sue will share personal insights about the challenges and rewards of integrating the lessons from the life of the Way in life back home. Sue has written a best selling book My Camino and Confessions of a Pilgrim. She will be launching the Spanish translation of her first, Mi Camino, at her booth at the conference. Her documentary film Las Peregrinas has been screened worldwide.

After leaving his telecommunications career in 2001 Sue walked 800 kilometers of road, one in the winter. The first experience of Sue Kennedy with the Pilgrim helped him discover his purpose in life, to become a coach of the Way and share your experience with others. Her first book, My Way became a best seller in Canada that is on track to become a feature film. He has also co-produced and directed the documentary The Pilgrim.

In the last 10 years Sue has been training and guiding groups. Now a veteran pilgrim who has walked more than 5,000 kilometers on several routes. Today is often found walking barefoot or with his own shoes Barebottom Shoes.